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by Paleo Rob on 24/09/2010


I previously mentioned how to use tools such as WolframAlpha to determine how much PUFA’s are found in various foods and meals you made. Now I will show you some other cool tools to help you live a paleo life using neolithic tools.


Calculating Calories and Nutrients

There are a plethora of websites which allow you to get information on the food you eat. Some are better than others with the information you get, but overall they are ok. Some of my favourites are:

However you can also use the ultra powerful search engine to very intelligently give you all the information you need from the foods you eat.

Simply go to and start typing in your ingredients! For example one of my favourite salad recipes:

1 cucumber + 2 hard boiled eggs + 10 olives + 1Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar + 2 Tbsp oliveoil + 1Tbsp feta cheese

Not only that but you can also do clever things like find out “Which foods have the most Vitamin C?”

The Marks Daily Apple Searcher

I often find myself discovering a new concept or latest trend in health and think, what does master Grok Mark Sisson think on the matter? The website is such a behemoth of information that nearly every topic in regards to health has been featured on it. So my favourite Google search term these days is: searchterm

For example, I was interested in cortisol so in my trusty Google engine I cortisol

It also works for the forums aswell and I find it better than the forums built in searcher. I was looking for a good bacon-mayo recipe

So I typed into Google: bacon mayo

Paleo Primal Search Engine!

So finally to save you all the time and for convenience, i have created a custom search engine which searches an array of Paleo/Primal resources. Use it to learn new concepts, find recipes whatever you want!

Paleo Primal Search Engine!

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