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by Paleo Rob on 01/08/2010

My name is Rob. I live in Perth, Western Australia otherwise known as the most boring city in the world. I am a follower of the paleo/primal lifestyle. Which means I follow the paleolitic or primal lifestyle. I have been doing so for a while and have had a significant health boost since. Some of the awesome benefits since livinig like this is as follows:
  • Psoriasis almost completely gone.
  • No longer sick all winter or when anyone coughs within 1m from where I’m standing.
  • Energy throughout the day.
  • Weight Loss. (16kg at time of writing)
  • Cholesterol reduction.
  • Blood Pressure Stabilisation.
And probably hundreds more things which I can’t tell ATM. The reason I started writing this blog is because when I first started my journey finding information or products or anything in Australia was very difficult. So here is my journey hopefully you will find some information and hopefully you will get serving from it. If you want to contact me please do so!

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