Sunday Night Reading #5

by Paleo Rob on 19/09/2010


Told you so!


Low-carb vegetables diet combo is better, study shows

But people who ate low-carb diets with more plant-based protein and fat lived longer than people who ate high-carb diets, as reported in the current issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.

Diet and prostate cancer

Researchers have found that prostate cancer cells have receptors for insulin and insulin like growth factors. High insulin level are related to obesity.

Study confirms antibiotics mess with gut

An intimate study of three women given ciprofloxacin showed the drug suppressed entire populations of beneficial bacteria, and at least one woman took months to recover.

Drinking Milk While on Diet Boosts Weight Loss, Study Finds

The researchers found that the dieters’ vitamin D levels had a positive impact on their weight loss, and those who drank the most milk had the highest levels of D in their systems.

Colon cancer cases ‘may rise 50%’

The UK is heading for a 50% increase in the number of new colon cancer cases over the next 30 years, says an international team of scientists.

The forecast, in the European Journal of Cancer, is for 35,000 new cases a year by 2040, compared with 23,000 now.

Rising obesity is one reason – and if the UK reached US levels that could add another 2,000 to the total, they say

Blueberries May Help Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Drinking blueberry smoothies helped obese adults who were pre-diabetic improve insulin sensitivity, researchers report.

Work it Baby!


Top 10 Training Behaviors You Should Have Before Considering Supplements

More often than enough, I get multiple specific questions on the exact benefits and dosages of various supplements. However, most of the people who do ask those questions should first complete this checklist before asking any supplement question.

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