Some Medical News! Go DHA, forget the colon cleanse and have a smoke!

by Paleo Rob on 02/08/2011

Haven’t had a chance to look at them some interesting studies here:

Omega 3 fatty acids have protective benefits when taken during pregnancy, study suggests

A new study suggests consuming Omega 3 fatty acids during pregnancy helps protects babies against illness during early infancy. The randomized, placebo-controlled trial followed approximately 1,100 pregnant women and 900 infants in Mexico. The women were supplemented daily with 400 mg of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) supplements in the algal form or placebo from 18 to 22 weeks gestation through childbirth. Those whose mothers took DHA supplements had fewer colds and shorter illnesses at one, three and six months of age.

Colon cleansing has no benefit but many side effects including vomiting and death, doctors say

Colon cleansing — it’s been described as a natural way to enhance well-being, but doctors say there’s no evidence to back that claim. In fact, their review of scientific literature demonstrates that colon cleansing can cause side effects ranging from cramping and to renal failure and death.

Nicotine can protect the brain from Parkinson’s disease

If you’ve ever wondered if nicotine offered society any benefit, a new study offers a surprising answer. Nicotine can protect the brain against Parkinson’s disease, the research suggests, and the discovery of how nicotine does this may lead to entirely new types of treatments for the disease.

I can’t wait for the first researchers to hypothesise that minor smoking is a great stressor for building stronger lungs!

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