5 Paleo Lunches you can take to work.

by Paleo Rob on 12/12/2010

When I’m working, I try to bring lunch from home. Not only is it a lot cheaper, but I also know exactly what I am eating. The ideal work food is something that is quick and easy to throw together, relatively cheap and easy to eat in a work environment. I try to change it up as often as I can, but there are certain staple meals that I always fall back to, here are just a few;

egg1. Hard Boiled Egg’s

Hard Boil a bunch of eggs every Sunday night. Peel them, chuck them in a bag with your favourite spices (curry powder, salt, pepper, etc.) and shake them up. Take a few to work and munch on them at lunch. Easy.


2. Chicken Salad

Cook some chicken on your Sunday night and have it ready. Then before work, chuck some spinach, lettuce, chicken and other various vegetables into a tupperware container. Bring a separate little container of some dressing (favourite at the moment, add equal pats lemon juice to olive oil and some oregano). Mix on site, and enjoy.

3. Super Crust-less Quiche or Mini Egg-Cupsegg-quiche

Bake yourself a massive egg quiche on your Sunday night. You can google various paleo quiche recipes for this, but the general formula is, whisk a bunch of eggs, add a bunch of veges, add some salt and pepper then bake. Now just bring a slice or two to work. Another option is that instead of making one big quiche, fill a few muffin tins and bake.

4. Lettuce Wraps.

Make yourself some wraps just like subway or your favourite Mexican joint, but instead of using pita bread, use a big leaf of lettuce. My current favourite is getting some ground beef, adding a whole lot of cumin, salt and pepper, then adding in a few onions, mushrooms and a little bit of capsicum. Mixing it all up adding some cheese and wrapping in a lettuce leaf. Bring a couple to work, and enjoy!

5. Skip lunch!

Or just skip lunch all together! Use your work days as intermittent fasting days. Often when I am caught up in work, I rarely have time to think about food, so fasting whilst at work is all to easy!

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Tom Scott April 16, 2012 at 2:30 am

I’m getting ready to travel. This is also a good idea to get around lousy airport/airline food. I really like your idea about shaking the eggs in a sack with some spices. Thanks


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