Random Thoughts and a Holiday Break

by Paleo Rob on 23/12/2010

Well what an exciting year it has been. I started my paleo journey back in April, and here we are in December, Xmas knocking on the door, New Years down the road and for the first time in a very long time, I am very happy where I am with my health.

Super Immune System

Everyone has there own reasons for going paleo, and many more have found that going paleo has helped with other parts of their life. I have mentioned previously I used to be one of those chronically sniffling people. Always having some sort of flu, and if anyone even sneezed around me, I knew I would be sick in a couple days. Not any more.

There seems to be a summer flu going around Perth here, and my entire office was sick, as was my significant other. I however managed to escape it, without more than a slight fever for a day or so. This is remarkable for me. I havnt had a bug since going paleo, or more accurately I havnt been taken down by a bug in over 6 months. Awesome.

Stoicism and Fasting

I am a practicing stoic. One thing I love about stoicism is how well it gels with my paleo lifestyle. In practicing stoicism you practice discomforting yourself every now and then to better appreciate how great you really have it. For instance, you would go outside in cold weather without suitable clothing, or you would not eat for extended periods of time to really enjoy the food you have.

I am leaving, on a jet plane!

So I am going on holidays from December 28th to January 17th. I will be hitting some islands in the south pacific. It will be a lot of out-doors adventures, eating coconuts, and just generally hedonism. So I would love to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a very healthy new year. Take care my friends! See you on the other side!

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