Random Thought: Winter is a is a coming, time to boost that immune system!

by Paleo Rob on 01/05/2011

Winter has finally arrived here in Perth. The cloudy sky’s, cold nights and of course, the viruses and bugs that go along with it all. After going through the shopping centres and my office, I can finally conclude from the incessant coughing, that Winter has truly arrived.

So remember people. Eat well. Practice Hygiene. Take some Vit D (iHerb has some great specials on their Vitamin D supps. I recommend Healthy Origins.)

I was plagued by winter every year. I would get every bug and virus and pretty much be sniffling for 3-4months at a time. After going paleo, I have been sick once (when on holiday and I relaxed my eating).

Stay healthy all!

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ayami May 22, 2011 at 7:01 am

Hi! I just randomly stumbled across your site and love the info. I started the Paleo “diet” 6 days ago and have been blogging on it. (For my way to keep track). If you can give me any feedback or suggestions I’d appreciate it!


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