Google Insight: People care less about health?

by Paleo Rob on 03/02/2011

I was playing around with Google Insights recently. Google Insights is a really cool tool that let’s you enter a search term and it spits out ‘insights’. These ‘insights’ include use of that search term, i.e how much people are searching for whatever topic you enter. As Google is by far the dominant search engine in the world, it gives a good ‘insight’ into the collective mind of the world. Really fun stuff and you can lose a few minutes of your days playing with random search terms.

So what does Google Insight say about the interest in health, fitness and exercise in the current world? Let’s have a look.


Now there are some anomalies in the trends. we see the January ‘bump’, when all those people make resolutions to “finally get fit this year!”. Then we see the slow downward trend, as people begin scoffing their doughnuts until about December when people are so ashamed that they haven’t kept there resolution and they don’t want to think about it in the holiday season so they just stop searching. The spike around March/April 2010 was due to the signing of the healthcare bill.

What is most interesting (and worrisome) however is the overall trend decrease in search. There has been a nearly 40% drop in search for the terms “Fitness, Health, Exercise” since 2004.

Have people just given up on health? What do you think?

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