…and I’m back!

by Paleo Rob on 13/01/2011

Wow what an awesome New Years break! Living on an island in the beautiful country of Vanuatu for 2 weeks really is a stress buster.

What I learned!

It isn’t worth going back to old eating habits. I thought I could relax a little on my holiday and went full on binging. It put me on my arse. I got sick about a week in (haven’t been sick since I started going paleo back in April ‘10). Coincidence? No way. Back to eating clean now and feel 100%

Coconut really is the mother plant. The plethora of uses the local Vanuatu people have for the coconut tree is incredible. Literally everything can be used. Also there is nothing like walking around, grabbing yourself a fresh coconut from the side of the road and having at it to make you feel great every day.

Organic Beef, Pork and Chicken, everywhere is awesome. All the produce is Vanuatu is organic. All the animal products are grass fed in the wild, even the pork. The burgers taste great, the steaks are to die for, I was in paleo heaven.

What’s up for 2011?

Well 2010 I got my health in order, and now 2011 I will focus on the selfish aesthetics as well as focus on the mind. So stay tuned. It’s time for me to unpack, but you will hear from me shortly!

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Mallory January 14, 2011 at 1:34 am

wellllllllllcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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