Project Animal Farm: My 5 Acres

by Paleo Rob on 24/01/2011

So I got some land late last year. Slowly but surely I have been getting it ready for some good old fashioned farming. How much more organic can you get than growing your own fruits and vegetables.

As its summer down here everything looks and is pretty much dead. But in the winter/spring everything goes green with life and its quite beautiful.

I have planted a bunch of various fruit trees around the place, as well as some random vegetables just for fun, but this year I plan to go crazy.

photo 1

The land. That’s a little water trough I built for future possible animal purchases. It’s automatic and refills as soon as the water drops below a certain level.

photo 2

Using scraps I pretty much built a small area of where I will do the majority of the farming. You can see my gorgeous olive trees in the background!

photo 3

Some small fruit trees around the edges as well as my little water tank and shed. (As well as a tub!)

I plan on building a toilet as well as a proper tool shed next and in regards the infrastructure that will be all. I am connected to the power grid, the bore and automatic reticulation is all running smooth as silk so everything is progressing nicely.

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Patty January 24, 2011 at 8:50 pm

You lucky devil!! Well, I guess luck probably doesn’t have much to do with it. 🙂 We started gardening about 6 years ago I think…always organic. I sure hope you keep posting your progress. It would be so fun to see how you garden compared to here in the Southern U.S. That is one beautiful Olive tree…something I don’t think we can grow here. Good job Rob!


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