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by Paleo Rob on 19/10/2010

I like simple ideas. They are easy to express and easy to follow. The paleo diet, can be incredibly simple if you don’t want to geek out on it. But I started to wonder, just how simple can you get it? So I listed the main tenants of the paleo diet on a sheet of paper, and then one by one, removed the more ‘advanced’ topics. Things like supplementation, or carb cycling etc got the boot for the sake of simplicity. What I wanted was a simple list that I could pass one easily to somebody who asks what my health regime looks like.

Zen Garden 2

What it all came down to is this:

Don’t eat any grains or sugar.

Eat until you are full, mostly fats and meats.

Eat some plants, not to many sweet ones.

Lift heavy things, go for walks and then sleep.


I think that pretty well encompasses it all. If you follow it, you will lose weight, gain muscle and be a lot healthier.

Q: What do you think? Have I missed anything super important? Can anyone else refine it any further?

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