Quick Thought: Live a Virtuous Life–Eat Paleo

by Paleo Rob on 11/12/2010

Besides health and nutrition another interest of mine is philosophy, in particular Stoicism. Paleo(ism) and Stoicism go hand in hand. Where a Paleo diet is one where we eat how we are supposed (in an evolutionary sense) to eat, living a stoic virtuous life is to live how we are supposed to live.

The principle foundation of stoicism is to live a virtuous life. However, the definition of stoic virtue is very different to our definition of virtue today. Stoic virtue is measured by how well someone performs the functions which humans were designed. A virtuous axe, is an axe that is good at doing what an axe – chop wood- does best.This incredibly simple concept has many implications.

So what are humans designed to do? To answer this, the stoics just examined themselves. Humans are like other animals in many respects, we get hungry so we eat, we get feelings of lust so we have sex. Nature also gave us the ability to reason and therefore Zeno of Citium (founder of the school of Stoicism) concluded that we have to act reasonable (use logic, be rational), nature made us social creatures so we must be sociable (take care of your parents, stand up for what you believe, help man kind) etc.

Just like living a stoic life is behaving like nature intended, following a paleo diet is eating how nature intended.

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Reems December 11, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Lovin ur site!! Bout time us Aussies opened our eyes to a better/healthier lifestyle!


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