Paleo Miracles! Budget Mince, Free Suet, Pork Lardalicous

by Paleo Rob on 13/04/2011

People often complain that eating paleo is expensive, and it really can be. However, there are a few items that at least make up for it.

Budget Mince

I love the fact that “Budget” mince is so cheap. The reason? It has a higher fat content and thus less desirable by the conventional wisdom following folk. This is fine by me. The higher fat content, the better, my local butcher sells an ultra budget mince with 30% fat content for nearly a third of the price of ‘premium mince’. Yum.

Suet – “You want what?”

Most butchers look at you crosseyed when you ask for some suet. A general conversation goes something like this:

“Can I get some suet?”

“You want what?”

“Kidney Fat”


“I want to render it to make some tallow for cooking”


“We normally throw that out”

“Well I want some, how much?”

“Umm… just take it”

Give me a shoulder with all the fat

Much like above when asking for pork, I ask for a decent serving of fat with it. Buying pork shoulder, an already cheap cut, is even cheaper when its loaded with fat. If you are lucky some will even save the leaf lard for you. (you have not lived until you have fried chicken in lard).



People hate fat, take advantage of it and remember…



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Keith Bearne November 2, 2011 at 6:04 pm

I’m all for fat, i looove the stuff, but you have to be careful with non organic meat. Animals (and humans) store toxins, E.G. pesticides, hormones, in fat to keep it away from the vital parts of the body. So you can be eating some pretty nasty stuff. On the other hand organic meat fat has higher content of omega 3s and CLA which is awesome. Just some food for thought. K


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