Multi-Vitamin Showdown

by Paleo Rob on 25/11/2010

I love how the paleo diet is how much free time it gives me. No measuring no weighing, I just have a list of foods to avoid, and eat everything else until I am full. Easy. Now technically, by eating a diet full of good fats, plenty of animal protein and plenty of green vege’s to boot, I should be getting a full spectrum of Vitamins and Minerals and shouldn’t need to supplement. Unfortunately this is not the case. Due to todays farming techniques, and horrible land conditions, in various parts of the world, the deficiencies in the soils translate to nutrient lacking produce. (Buying from organic farms, who don’t load there land with artificial fertilizers and chemicals helps.) 1111305_pills

I put a pretty standard weeks worth of food into a nutrient calculator and found a few key minerals and vitamins my diet was lacking. Googling around, and talking to a few other fellow paleo bloggers it seems that I am not the only one with this problem.

Now I had an option, I could get a separate supplement for each deficient mineral, but this would be a hassle. Who wants to be popping 10 pills every morning. The next option was finding a good multi-vitamin which specifically addressed my needs.

Problem is, there are way too many multi-vitamin brands too choose from, all with slightly different spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as different versions of those minerals.

The key ingredients I wanted were, sufficient copper, selenium, iodine and zinc with little to no iron. I ended up putting together a little spreadsheet which compared a few of the top rated brands. I decided it was a useful resource, so I published it online.

Click Here to View the Multi-Vitamin Showdown

I ended up going with Natrol, My Favorite Multiple, Take One, Multivitamin, Iron Free, 60 Tablets from At $9.51 per 60, it comes down to $0.16 every day.

If you buy from iHerb use the coupon code KOS516 to get $5 off!

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