It’s a new world.

by Paleo Rob on 10/03/2011


I have been sent a few emails recently by people who are angry at me for dismissing the hypothesis that "because cavemen did/didn’t do it, we should/shouldn’t to". Although I explained that I think that this hypothesis is a great starting point for further research into nutrition and is a great way to explain the diet at a very high level, using it as a scientific justification is nonsense, for example:

Cavemen Ate Fruit ergo so will I!

Some paleo dieters justify their high consumption of fruit by saying that Grok must of done it when they were in season and thus it’s ok. Well yes they may have (leaving aside migratory patterns) but todays fruit are nothing like the fruit of 2mya. Thanks to at least 10,000 years of selecting breeding to get the sweetest fruits, we have turned a moderately sweet nutrient food to a high fructose natural candy bar who’s juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Cavemen didn’t take supplements ergo neither will I!

I would love to not have to take any supplements. The problem is however there is no modern diet than can hit all your micronutrient requirements, yes that even includes a paleo diet. Why? Because the world is a different place. Modern soil is devoid of most nutrients. We have farmed land to death, and created super crops which can pretty much grow in sand. Yes we can get grass fed beef some of the time, but the grass they eat is probably devoid of nutrients and the selective breeding of the larger fattier cows has meant that we get an increased amount of PUFA’s with every bite.

So again I stress, remember, although we may be biologically identical to our cavemen brethren, our environments are different, we must adapt.

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