Blueberries May Inhibit Development of Fat Cells

by Paleo Rob on 11/04/2011

Even though in most of Australia blueberries are a luxury treat, I will bring to your attention yet another blueberriesstudy to show just how awesome they are. There has been some research that shows that plant polyphenols slow adipogensis and induse lipolysis (in other words, they slow down fat tissue creation and increase fat cell breakdown), so the researcher in this latest study described at Science Daily wanted to quantify this affect with blueberry polyphenols.

"I wanted to see if using blueberry polyphenols could inhibit obesity at a molecular stage," said Moghe. The study was performed in tissue cultures taken from mice. The polyphenols showed a dose-dependent suppression of adipocyte differentiation. The lipid content in the control group was significantly higher than the content of the tissue given three doses of blueberry polyphenols. The highest dose of blueberry polyphenols yielded a 73% decrease in lipids; the lowest dose showed a 27%

Another reason to snack on blueberries?

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Caveman Home Companion April 12, 2011 at 9:55 pm

WOW! Very helpful. I’m on my way to the market for blueberries now!


Shepherdess November 22, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Just stumbled onto your site, yay!
Guess what? Blueberries are dead easy to grow down under. I have 2 bushes and they are doing really well giving me handfuls of berries into summer. When they are taking a breather, try frozen ones when out of season. Also raspberries are dead easy to grow, watch they don’t take over the garden though, and of course blackberries are feral, watch out for the snakes! Our b/berries are just starting to flower here, we have to spray them, but the absent neighbor hasn’t so am watching them carefully,


Paleo Rob November 22, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Mine would not grow for the longest time. Then I found out my bore water was incredibly basic, and that the pH of the soil was around 8.5 to 9. Added some sulfur to the soil and it looks like I will be enjoying my first batch very soon!

Raspberries are great too, however I am not game enough to grow blackberrys.


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