Australia’s Obese Future

by Paleo Rob on 01/07/2012

Here is a cool graphic from the Australian Science Media Centre. Don’t know too much about the organisation, but the infographic is quite informative.

Australian Science Media Centre

The sad part is that throughout the period shown on the graphic, we have been pushed the low-fat, high seed oil mantra, and its obviously not working. How can you continue to do everything the same, yet expect different results? It literally is insanity.

Also this line here is total media fodder;

However by just drinking one less soft drink or glass of wine per day, or by adding a 30-45 minute moderate-intensity walk we could all help stop this trend in its tracks.

It’s something simple yet effective that ‘journalists’ can include in their articles on the study.

So thats it everyone, just have one less can of softdrink per day, and all will be well.

Give me a break! (and some bacon)

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Suz Paleo Australia July 2, 2012 at 10:00 am

There seem to be more and more sugar-free and low-fat products on the market each week in Australia. The message doesn’t seem to have got out to the masses, yet…


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