Train like Spartan Women–The toughest ladies in history.

by Paleo Rob on 05/12/2010

One of the oldest books in my library, and probably one of the most interesting is The Constitution of the Lacedaemonians by Xenophon of Athensalt otherwise known as, The Spartan Constitution. In it, it details the incredible discipline that each Spartan had to live by.

Sparta was the only major city in ancient Greece that did not have a wall to protect it. These guys were badasses and their army was the envy of the ancient world. Athens got so jealous at one point they attacked them in an effort to consolidate power, they lost.


“The walls of Sparta were its young men, and its borders the points of their spears.” King Agesilaos

The book is full of amazing rules that all Spartans had to live, with the underlying purpose being that only the strongest of children be born. Men were only allowed to have kids when they were in the ‘prime’ of their lives. It became a social taboo, something to be embarrassed of, if a man was to enter or exit his wife’s room. They shamed people for having sex too often with the reasoning being that they would only enter when they were at peak ‘desire’ and therefore most virile.

The Spartans held the females of their society in very high regards. Where the rest of the Greeks thought that women should leave a sedentary life, the Spartans had different ideas. The following is from the book:

He [Lycurgus] believed motherhood to be the most important function of freeborn woman. Therefore, in the first place, he insisted on physical training for the female no less than for the male sex: moreover, he instituted races and trials of strength for women competitors as for men, believing that if both parents are strong they produce more vigorous offspring.

Here that ladies, forget that bullcrap that lifting heavy is just for guys, and get onto those deadlifts!

Here is a photo of Christine from MUNCHIES, MUSCLES, AND MISCHIEF lifting heavy. Now Christine isn’t paleo-dieter but she is a perfect example of a lady lifting heavy and looking great! I highly recommended her blog to all!

deadlift PR 001


Edit: Spell check. Thanks Sarah.

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Christine December 6, 2010 at 8:53 pm

Spartan females really did kick ass. I would have loved to meet one, and possibly done a deadlifting competition with one. =D

Also, I’m slowly starting to limit my grain intake as well, just because I find it causes a lot of cravings for me….dairy is something I have a very hard time giving up, and sugar is also something I can’t forgo compleeeeetely…but I’m leaning more towards a paleo-esque way of eating 😉 Whole foods rock!


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