The Leangains FAQ

by Paleo Rob on 27/06/2012

I am a huge fan of the Leangains program by Martin Berkhan. I really think it is one of the simplest yet most effective plans for gaining serious muscle mass, whilst lowering body fat. It is a perfect synergy of intermittent fasting, heavy lifting and good diet. Best of all, its very managable, and can be applied with little to no major disturbance to your lifestyle.

Martin is a very switched on guy, who know’s his way around science and is one of the few bloggers out their who practices what he preaches (and is seriously jacked because of it!)

However, for all the greatness of his program, its hard to put it all together from his website (Sorry Marty!). This is where the team at come in. They have created an awesome Leangains FAQ that aims to answer all the questions you have on the program. It’s even been pimped by Martin Berkhan himself. (Check out the rest of the website, its an awesome resource of information on exercise, training, supplements and everything in between)

Check it out if you are serious about building muscle and losing fat.

Leangains FAQ


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Suz Paleo Australia June 28, 2012 at 7:50 am

Good to see you back Rob! Thanks for this link. Leangains is great, but as you said, the site isn’t the easiest to navigate!


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