More reasons to drink coffee. (As if you needed more!)

by Paleo Rob on 24/11/2016

Interesting new umbrella review (review of meta-analyses on coffee) in the Annual Review of Nutrition titled “Coffee, Caffeine, and Health Outcomes: An Umbrella Review“. They authors went through 91 meta-analyses of observational studies on coffee consumption.

In the review that found that coffee was associated with a probable:

  • Decreased risk in breast cancer,
  • Decreased risk in colorectal and colon cancer,
  • Decreased risk in endometrial cancer,
  • Decreased risk in prostate cancer
  • Decreased risk in CVD-related outcomes
  • Decreased risk in Parkinson’s disease
  • Decreased risk in type-2 diabetes.
  • Highly probably decrease in liver cancer.


So drink up!

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