Another Reason to Lower The Stress: You get sexy!

by Paleo Rob on 20/09/2010

So by now we should no the reason why we should reduce our daily stress. Whether it be getting more sleep or getting some magnesium, or just learning to relax in our hectic world, the health benefits of a simple life, far outweigh any latest workout machine. But now lets add another reason to jump onto the de-stress bandwagon. You get more attractive.

composite pic from stress study

From the BBC – a new study from the University of Abertay has found:

Men with low levels of stress are more attractive to women, according to research at the University of Abertay.

It found a strong link between low levels of the stress hormone cortisol in men and how attractive they were to the opposite sex.

So there you have it. De-Stress. Attract more.

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