Random Thoughts on Training

by Paleo Rob on 16/02/2011

As I was in the gym, a few things came to mind as I was watching other people. I scribbled them into my notebook and thought I would share.

Don’t Sit Down.

Any exercise you can do sitting down you can probably do standing. Stand up, tighten your glutes, squeeze your abs and get a full workout next time you do lat raises, bicep curls or the like.

Re-Rack the weights, even the ones that aren’t yours.

Why are people so scared to do this? You are at the gym, the point of which is lifting heavy objects to stress your muscles. So why not re-rack your weights, and then re-rack someone else’s weights if they have left them there. It’s all work and it all adds to your gym session.

Go to the gym to live, don’t live to go the gym.

Ok I know the gym can be fun, and I don’t mean that people need to stop enjoying it, but don’t destroy your life (social/financial/physical etc.) just to hit the gym every day. If your friend is having a party, if your wife wants you home early, or your body literally has had enough, then take a break. Don’t discuss the gym outside of the gym to people who don’t care. Don’t spend all your time out of the gym, researching how you should train when you are in the gym ( i.e stop reading this article!).

Listen to your body, skip the gym

It has happened to all of us.The long day, the sore muscles and the thought of hitting the gym makes you want to cry. Simple solution. Skip it! Just take the day off, don’t justify it, don’t promise you will go twice as hard tomorrow, just don’t go.

The Big 3

If your training program doesn’t include squatting, deadlifting or bench-pressing, your training program sucks.

Lift Heavy and take rests.

Hit the weights hard, your body responds to stress. Bench 2 reps at max capacity take a good rest and then do it again. Come back next week, and up the weight. Always be going for PR’s

Minimalism Is King

You don’t need the latest heart rate monitor, you don’t need the latest training app, you don’t need a new super isolating machine, you don’t need the latest protein shake, get the picture? Stop trying to make training something more complex than it is.

You are lifting a metal bar with heavy things on the end. That’s all.

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