New Challenge: The US Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test

by Paleo Rob on 31/01/2011


Sometimes a good challenge is great motivation. I am a hugely in favour of tracking progress as you embark on your fitness/health journey. There seems to be nothing better than seeing your lifts increase over a usmcmonthly basis or watching your body fat levels drop. Today in the day of excel spreadsheets, and web-apps it is all too easy to track progression, which is awesome.

Always looking for another challenge and more stats to track I came across the US Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and get a perfect score. To get a perfect score, I need to do 20 pull-ups, 100 crunches and a 3-mile run in 18minutes. A female perfect score is 70 seconds on the flexed arm hang, 100 crunches, and a 21 minute three mile run. Personally I take the Spartan approach to training and don’t think females should have a different training regime to males.

I have given myself a maximum of 5 months to get the score. (July 1st 2011) and will be tracking myself weekly/bi-weekly to see how I am going.

I am going to stick to my regular training during this period, however will add a few challenge specific exercises. I will layout these exercises in the next week or so, for others to use or abuse.

Anyone else up for a challenge?!

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Bushrat January 31, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Interesting. I am not going to train this because I prefer my current workouts, but if you put a reminder up just before 1st of July I may try and do the test and see what my time is (or if I die of a heart attack from a hundred crunches).


Bushrat January 31, 2011 at 5:28 pm

I’ve never done a crunch before and I just looked them up. Apparently they are some pussies version of a sit up. I expect I can do 100 crunches no problem. I will save my dying for the 3 mile run.


Paleo Rob February 1, 2011 at 7:33 am

Yeah I am going to do full situps. Crunches are boring.


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