August Challenge – 100 Pushups

by Paleo Rob on 03/08/2010

Everyone seems to have made there own challenge for the month of August. Some have decided to go 100% strict paleo, others have set weight metrics as there target. I like the idea of small goals to set yourself. So I have decided that every month I will set a new goal to try and accomplish.

This month it is brutally simple. Get to 100 pushups.


My current fresh non-stop amount is 36. Using the progressive increase plan from over at and seeing that I only have 4 weeks to do it, I am going to start at week 4. Do two weeks of week 4 then progress to week 5 and 6.

So off I go!

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Peter March 2, 2011 at 9:52 am

How did you go with this Rob. I can do 50 fresh, and that is slowly building.


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