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by Paleo Rob on 23/06/2012

Low-carbohydrate diet proven to be very effective in type 1 diabetics (just as you’d expect) via Dr Briffas Blog

A fundamental problem with diabetes is the usually-elevated levels of blood sugar (glucose) that go with it. These glucose molecules can react with proteins in the body, damaging them. This process – known as ‘glycation’ – is at the heart of diabetic complications such as cataracts, nerve damage, kidney disease and circulatory problems.

Anti-inflammatories and Schizophrenia via Evolutionary Psychiatry

Short little post on a paper from a few weeks ago from the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry: Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Schizophrenia: Ready for Practice or a Good Start? A Meta-Analysis.

  Turmeric for Brain, Body Health via Dr Weil’s Health Blog

 Want to help boost your mood? Add some turmeric to your cooking. Turmeric is the spice that makes curry orange and American mustard bright yellow, and is a potent natural anti-inflammatory agent.


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